• The fastest way to build omnichannel subscription commerce that works – every time.

    Whether online or offline, Limio helps you sell subscriptions – seamlessly and fast. Designed so marketers and developers can launch, experiment and scale at speed. Faster time-to-market, with no code needed. Limio’s shop and self-service portals make it easy for subscribers to buy your products.

  • The Globe and Mail, Canada's foremost newspaper, selected Limio Commerce and Limio for Salesforce to power its new subscription commerce experience. Learn more >

  • Subscriptions are about customers.

    Subscribers need to buy, upgrade, update their details, downgrade, cancel. Limio gives marketers control, speed and cost efficiency over the subscriber experience.

    ⚡️Fast launch

    Launch your subscription shop and self-service portals using our 50+ pre-built components.

    Customise your brand through the whole funnel, from pricing pages, to checkouts, to manage-my-account services.

    See Limio in action on the Economist >

    👩🏽‍🔬 Easy experiment

    Launch new products across borders rapidly, test new pricing models flexibly, and create flash promotions.

    Increase funnel efficiency with tailor-made, high-performing, safe and fast subscription checkouts.

    Drive upsells and renewals.

    All without writing a single line of code.

    🧡 Better end-to-end customer experiences

    Create your own custom components and import your design systems, to reflect your own pixel-perfect branding.

    Deliver eye-catching experiences – from pricing displays to custom checkouts to unique cancelling flows.

    Fully omnichannel

    Limio Commerce and Limio for Salesforce work hand-in-hand to create seamless experiences, online and offline.

    Deep integrations

    Out-of-the-box integration with leading applications such as Zuora, Salesforce, Zephr and more.



  • Why use Limio?

    A fast, efficient subscription commerce experience comprises many moving parts.

    You start with the basics for acquisition: pricing, free and paid trials,monthly and yearly plans, promotions. Then you start thinking about self-service, cancellations, renewals, upgrades, downgrades, account changes, invoicing. To make it work, you need to consider billing, payment gateways, tax, address management. You need to consider offline purchases, for example via customer services, sales and partners.

    Then you want do more. To allow multiple purchases, create promo codes, sell bundles, support multiple currencies, localise, handle tax rules, add more payment options, better support different devices, limit fraud etc...

    You set it all up. But then when you launch new products, start new promotions, change your pricing, update your branding... Everything needs an update.

    Limio does all this for you. Get started today. No developer or coding needed.

    Your journey to better subscriber experience starts here. Get in touch.

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