• Limio Subscription Catalog Overview

    Commerce experiences without limits

    Cut your time-to-market and unlock revenues fast.

  • Designed for marketers, developers and designers

    Our platform gives you flexibility to build – and test – effective

    customer experiences for subscription commerce. Fast.

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    Sell Anything

    Import your billing catalog, and enrich it with display and commerce rules.


    Limio supports recurring subscriptions, usage-based products, bundles, B2B, gift cards, one-off, and more - without a single line of code or integration work.

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    Let's get visual

    The Limio Page Builder enables subscription companies to visualise the commerce experience with Page Builder.


    Drag & drop one of the 50+ no-code Limio Component or build low-code custom components to create new commerce experiences.


    All components can then have their design, copy and behaviour changed within the Limio application.

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    No design limits

    Create Custom Components to push your designs even further with a modern Developer Experience (DX).


    Leverage the Limio SDK to create dynamic, interactive experiences to attract and retain subscribers.


    Design unique pricing displays, personalised self-service experiences, and enforce business rules via custom components.

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    Order orchestration, built-in

    Limio comes with an event-based Order Orchestration framework, which pre-integrates out-of-the-box with leading applications such as Zuora and Salesforce.


    Limio APIs, webhooks, and data layer allows you integrate your business tools and systems with any other systems.

  • Made for the fast-moving entreprise

    We make subscription ecommerce easy, fast, effective and reliable.

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    Bulk Actions

    Easily manage 1000s of global audience campaigns and offers with our bulk copy and edit capabilities.

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    Content Search

    Search your data using created metadata. Combine search with bulk edit to work even faster, eg to raise the price on campaigns.

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    Metadata Management

    Configure your metadata using string, numeric, boolean, multi picklists, rich text, dates and more...

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    Change Tracking

    Keep track of changes in Limio app data via change tracking and webhooks

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    User & Permissions Management

    Make sure every user has the right level of access and permission.

  • Want to chat with our subscription experts?

    Whether you want to launch a new subscription business with no-code or use Limio's APIs for headless commerce, we can help.

  • You are in good company

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