• Subscriptions are about customers.

    Customers need to buy, upgrade, update their details, downgrade, cancel…pause.

    Limio gives marketers control, speed and cost-efficiency.

  • Limio Subscription Catalog Overview

    Create a no-code shop and a self-service portal – fast.

    Cut your time-to-market and unlock revenues fast.

    Create top-speed, fully customisable landing pages, express checkout, subscriber self-service portals and more.


    No code necessary – non-developers can design, segment, discount.


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  • No code needed. Go straight to value-creation

    Limio builds your own, branded subscription shop and self-service portals using a no-code page-builder with 50+ pre-built components. Includes integration to top subscription management tools like Zuora.


    Sign up, connect, start selling.

    Sell Subscriptions, the Easy Way


    Beautiful, Modern Websites

    ✓ Drag & drop no-code Page Builder to create a shop with your own branding.

    ✓ Use 50+ ready-made, fully customisable Limio Components.

    ✓ Deliver personalised acquisitions experiences for different countries, devices, subscriber lifecycle and customer segments.

    ✓ Create unlimited A/B tests experiments.


    Powerful Subscription Offers

    ✓ Sell subscription plans and one-offs.

    ✓ Sell freemium or paid trials (and block trial abuse)

    ✓ Sell gift subscriptions with pre-paid gift cards.

    ✓ Sell bundles of multiple products.

    ✓ Sell digital or physical subscriptions.

    ✓ Generate promo codes and track redemption.

    ✓ Drive subscriber add-ons.

    Run special promo campaigns.


    No-Fuss Marketing

    ✓ Blazing fast, mobile-friendly shop hosted on your domain.

    ✓ Supports SEO best practices like customisable H1, title, sitemaps, and meta tags.


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  • Build a Customised, Frictionless Checkout

    Smart Cart

    ✓ Embed a cart on every page or on a dedicated cart page.

    ✓ Support multi-product sales on the cart and checkout.

    ✓ Create automatic abandon cart campaigns .


    Flexible Checkout

    ✓ Design and customise as many checkouts as you like.

    ✓ Sell in any languages, any currencies, any countries with geo-controls and in localised formats.

    ✓ Adapt dynamically the checkout for gifts, B2B offers, students, physical subscription, and more.

    ✓ Integrate your checkout with your identity, tax, and address providers.


    Global Payment Options

    ✓ Accept Credit Card, ACH and Direct Debit globally.

    ✓ Express checkout with Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal.


    Security and Compliance

    ✓ Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) & 3DS Secure.

    reCAPTCHA for fraud monitoring.

    ✓ Free SSL certificate.

    PCI Compliant.

    Maximise Sales and Retention

    Easy-to-Use Subscriber Self-Service Portal

    ✓ Create branded, authenticated, subscriber-only pages for self-service.

    ✓ Empower subscribers to manage their account, payment and address details.

    ✓ Empower subscribers to cancel, upgrade, downgrade or renew online.

    ✓ Create smart cancellation with cancel reasons, loss aversion tactics such as usage statistics, and alternative options like pausing or downgrading.

    ✓ Segment your subscriber base per usage, value, tier and more, then surface personalised save offers and discounts.

    ✓ Identify cross-sells and upsells in pre-checkout pages, cart, checkout, post-order completion and Manage My Account.

    ✓ Display subscriber-only offers (upgrades or VIP freebies) behind authentication

    ✓ Capture cancel intent events.

    Win back subscribers with incentives and tailored messaging

    ✓ Show offers and messaging based on your paywall rule and identity engine.

    ✓ Create dedicated logic toblock or enforce your business rules.

    Integrate With Your Stack

    ✓ Instant integration with billing software like Zuora.

    ✓ Track every subscription action.

    ✓ Capture all your data via the Limio Data Layer and Tag Management systems.

    ✓ Send data to any system via APIs and webhooks.

    ✓ Send data to analytics and BI tools.

    ✓ Granular understanding of subscriber CAC and LTV.

  • What about Low Code?

    Can't see a Limio Component achieving the design and functionality you need? Enter Custom Components and the Limio SDK.

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