Make your checkout frictionless

    Create a personalised checkout and experiment with different experiences

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    • Complete flexibility to craft tailored checkout experiences, collecting only the required data.
    • Design as you please and experiment to determine the most effective layout and field order.
    • Tailor your checkout flows based on product, customer type or channel, and deliver a fully bespoke approach.
    • Harness built-in integrations such as address pre-fills, payment gateways, tax providers, and authentication services to expedite the go-live process.



  • How It Works


    Call to action

    Subscribers click subscribe from a landing page or go directly to the checkout from a purchase link


    See the relevant checkout

    Based on the offer being purchased or the referrer, subscriber sees the relevant checkout experience



    Limio prefills as much information as possible or profile suggestions for accelerated completion



    Accept payments using a wide range of payment methods


    Order Complete

    Subscriber is redirected to a personalised order complete page based on their subscription

  • Top features

    Features designed to turn users into subscribers, quickly

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    Any pricing, any currency

    Sell one-offs, subscriptions, usage-based products, tiered pricing and more, in any currency

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    Use Limio prefill integrations to remove friction at checkout

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    Payment methods

    Accept payments in a variety of convenient ways, including Credit/Debit cards, Direct Debit, ACH, PayPal, Apple Pay, and more, tailored to your business needs.

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    Flexible layouts

    Capture different information for physical and digital products, gift subscriptions, B2B sales, and sales-assisted purchases.

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    Analytics in mind

    Seamlessly integrate with analytics and reporting solutions, allowing you to capture crucial user events during the checkout process

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    A/B test your checkout to deliver specific checkout experiences for specific offers or to support brand-specific or segment-specific UX.

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    Use enforcement components for the checkout to prevent duplicate orders, trial abuse, unauthorised purchase paths and more.

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    Limio is PCI DSS compliant and supports 3D Secure checkout, encryptment of payment data, and bot protection for a secure and trustworthy checkout experience.

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    Extend functionality by incorporating additional custom components that can handle external logic. Leverage the Limio SDK to display custom fields, modify the basket presentation, and enforce specific rules based on customer and basket contents.

  • Total modularity

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    Structure the checkout the way you want to, with no code

    Enhance the checkout experience with customised layouts and field ordering that perfectly align with your business requirements, offering a personalised touch to your customers.


    Boost the accuracy of data submission and minimise errors by implementing user input validation, guaranteeing precise and reliable information.


    Streamline the checkout process by incorporating tooltips and labeling, empowering users with guidance and convenience while entering data, resulting in a smoother and more intuitive experience.


    Seamlessly integrate your checkout data with server-side applications or APIs, facilitating flawless communication and processing, allowing for efficient management and utilization of the collected information.

  • Best in class checkout

    Creating a seamless and effective checkout experience can be challenging due to the complexity of aligning user expectations, business requirements, security measures, and technological integrations.

    Learn more about how to do it well.