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Limio Release notes: Limio for Zuora, Customer Retention, Global Selling, New Knowledge Base, Smart Search

November 2020

Limio’s mission is to deliver the best no-code Subscription Commerce platform on the market to enable marketers to better acquire and retain subscribers. This month, we've packed a lot with a brand new integration with Zuora, new exciting features for retention and some significant product improvements.

Limio, the integrated eCommerce solution for Zuora

Ever wondered what makes Limio extra special? Well, yes, we have built the first marketer-centric, no code Subscription Commerce platform where marketers can use powerful, intuitive and flexible capabilities to rapidly launch a subscription eCommerce website - but on top of that we have made our platform fully integrated with Zuora, right out-of-the-box. Zuora is the most powerful subscription billing engine out there, but for every engine, you need the bodywork and Limio is here to deliver it (you can learn more about our partnership here). Now, you are ready to hit the road!

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NEW! Retention through Segmentation & Cancel reason 💌

At Limio, we understand that retention is a fundamental part of the subscriber lifecycle. Without retention, there is no successful subscription business. With Limio, marketers now have the power to create cancellation experiences with no code. Surface save offers and design cancellation prevention experiences that meaningfully impact your churn. Even better, marketers can also create different subscriber experiences based on customer's segment and cancel reasons. Low engaged customer wanting to cancel because it’s too expensive? Suggest to downgrade! Highly loyal customer wanting to cancel because of technical issues? Suggest a time-bound discount! If you want to see how this works in more detail, head out to our New! Knowledge Base for more insight.

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Selling globally? We’ve got you covered

Limio makes selling a subscription globally a piece of cake. There are no borders for digital subscriptions, but we understand that there are business rules. Marketers can now set up global campaigns to sell offers in the local currency and local language. We’ve even added the option to route customers to the right country via IP routing and the ability to enforce regional pricing restrictions. Want to know the secret sauce? Head to our New! Knowledge Base for details!

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NEW! Limio Knowledge Base: design, interface, content 📚

It may sound like a boring topic given that no company out there describes their support center as the Michelangelo of knowledge bases, and yet, here we are. Yes, we know we won’t be winning a Pulitzer Prize any time soon but with so much happening in Limio, our knowledge base remains a powerful central resource. We gave our customer-facing one a fresh new look. Not only that, we are updating our content monthly and adding more information on using advanced features. You can thank us later!

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Lost in your data? Smart Search to the rescue

More often than not, we find ourselves looking for data or trying to save time by performing bulk actions. Everyone knows how to use a search bar but not every search bar is the same. Introducing Limio Smart Search! A search bar so powerful it allows you to add unlimited filters to your search, save what you search for future reference, and perform bulk edits or mass delete. “blows horn and throws confetti’ 🎊

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We've got a lot more coming soon, such as customisable checkouts, support for other A/B testing solutions, winbacks and more. Don't see something you're keen on? Get in touch at and we'll make sure to put it on our roadmap.

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