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Our Ebook:
Subscription Commerce

How to launch and scale your subscription business

Over the last decade, subscription services have exploded in popularity and growth. They’ve made our lives easier, they’ve given us convenience and flexibility, and they’ve lowered costs across industries. Subscribers are not the only winners, behemoths like Amazon, Netflix and Spotify owe their financial success largely to the subscription model and its inherent benefits. 

But how can companies that are smaller than Netflix navigate the complexities of subscriptions without a full development team behind them? The alluring economics of recurring revenues can only be achieved by mastering the difficulties of operating and growing a subscription business. Every step of the customer journey from noticing your value proposition, to subscribing, to enjoying the product is either a chance for extra revenue or a pitfall. 

A few years ago, Daniel (my co-founder) and I identified a gap market in the subscription industry. If you look at traditional eCommerce, anyone can now go on Shopify and launch a shop quickly and be up and running in days with absolutely no-code. Yet, the world of subscriptions is teeming with custom-built subscription commerce solutions, precariously leaning against back-end subscription billing systems and that didn’t make sense to us. Subscription commerce is far from simple, so why put that burden on your development team and disempower marketers, the very people in charge of delighting your customers?

We’ve now been building and experimenting with Limio’s Subscription Commerce platform for three years to create a fully customisable, no-code, self-service platform to create amazing conversion and retention experiences. Along the way, we’ve gathered a whole wealth of experience surrounding the entire lifecycle of a subscription business. We’ve helped businesses launch, execute and manage campaigns, and plan for the future. The main thing we’ve learnt? That even with our no-code solution, there is some art to the subscription industry that can’t be solved with Limio’s science.

How do you create a product that is actually relevant to a subscription business model? How do you create recurring value for the consumer? How do you continuously test your offers and pricing? How do you measure and forecast your success? All of these questions aren’t unique to any one company and it’s this precise reason we decided to make this ebook, to give more data points for subscription companies’ founders and operators.

We have had some outstanding contributions from incredible individuals at small and large subscription businesses, which we have collated into eight chapters that address subscription challenges at different stages of a business’ life cycle. You’ll be privy to inside knowledge from their work on subscriptions at leading media, retail, gaming, automobile, finance companies and more. 

To work with the contributors has been invaluable and we thank them deeply for their contribution to this ebook. We hope that you enjoy this book half as much as we enjoyed making it for you!

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