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Release notes: Better Self-Service, Cancellation Prevention Flow, A/B Testing, More Integrations, Saving Offers, and more...


We aim to deliver the best no-code Subscription Commerce platform on the market, and this month, we've got some amazing new features coming your way.

Here's a round-up on the awesome features that are coming into your Limio app this month:

A More Customisable, Flexible Manage My Account (MMA) 🛎

We are super excited to introduce the ability for you to customise from A to Z the self-service portal and further personalise the subscriber experience post-acquisition. Your customers will have total flexibility in changing, updating, and (if enabled) cancelling your subscriptions.

MMA simplifies and streamlines the way you coordinate your customer's details; you can now view and edit details such as Order Status, Billing Information and a fully updated Schedule.

To find out about how you can optimise your experience with MMA, check out our easy to read and follow the tutorial: Guide on MMA.

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Prevention and Cancellation Offers ✋

There's nothing more upsetting than seeing a customer cancel and leave. Cry no more because we're allowing you to have one more chance with Prevention and Cancellation offers. These are displayed to customers during the cancellation journey and are your last attempt to persuade them to stay. Read all about it in our tutorial: Setting up cancel prevention offers.

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Limio Journeys for A/B testing and routing 🧪

We're really excited about this one. You can now create A/B test using Limio! Just head to Limio Journey and set up a routing to your Campaigns. Limio Journey can also be used for re-routing customers based on their location (for example, US customers gets redirected to your US site) or based on their authentication status (for example, authenticated customers get redirected to your self-service portal). Even better, you can mix and match your A/B test with routing. And we're bringing Segments to the party, so expect a lot more to come on this front!

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Third-Party Integrations 🔂

We all do better with some friends, and in Limio's case, third-party software. That's why we've made it simple to integrate partners like Google Analytics , Facebook Pixel and Linkedin Insights into your shop. To find out how you can make the most of analytics software, check out our tutorial: Third-Party Softwares and Limio.

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Smart Search 🤓

Locating specific data within your shop just became a lot easier thanks to our latest smart search function. Similar to a normal search bar, but with a lot more flexibility. You're now able to choose from a whole variety of sub-options to help you locate exactly what you're looking for. Read more on our help ticket: How to use the Search functionality

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Tutorials 📖

Okay, so this one doesn't count as a feature per se, but we've spent a great deal of time creating easy-to-follow tutorials so that you can make the most of our new features.

Read through our help desk and maybe you'll discover something you're not using with Limio, and then surely your day will be that little bit better.

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We've got a lot more coming soon, such as customisable checkouts, support for other A/B testing solutions, segmented cancellation flows and more! Don't see something you're keen on? Get in touch at and we'll make sure to put it on our roadmap.

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